A rapidly changing healthcare system is making it tough to stay on top of things. Healthcare benefits are crucial to everyone, but rising costs, varying domestic agendas and consumer empowerment have caused a shift in the digital influence in the industry.

Both Payors and Providers are increasingly looking to outsource healthcare functions to established partners to cut costs, improve compliance and manage processes. Allsec’s deep domain knowledge and expert resources operate across multiple standards and state regulations. We reduce administrative loads and improve operational efficiency with our integrated healthcare solutions.

For Payors

Allsec provides customized healthcare solutions to simplify your administrative processes. We can manage the entire document, content and data lifecycles improving access to critical documents, data and information, thereby freeing up valuable resources within your organization.

For Providers

Allsec has developed hosted solutions that help providers offload admin-intensive payment posting, manual data entry, and costly reconciliation processes. Services include paper EOB conversion, patient pays, claims reconciliation, remittance & posting and analytics.

Feedback Management

Allsec’s Feedback Management services are an important addition to the customer lifecycle of healthcare beneficiaries. With an established process including surveys and feedback calls, our solutions tie in with patient management systems seamlessly.

Financial Processing Services

Allsec’s FPS solutions are tuned to handle your entire accounts payable and receivable services, your way. By adapting to existing techniques, as your established partner, we can seamlessly migrate platforms or reduce operational costs by providing outsourcing services.

HR and Payroll Services

Allsec’s HRO services simplifies workforce maintenance with an all inclusive, indigenous platform that handles automatable tasks such as payroll, benefits management, attendance and leave management and much more. We help streamline the workflow and allow you to concentrate on more important things like talent acquisition and training.

Voice Intelligence

Allsec’s proprietary voice analytics software is instrumental in retaining enhancing customer experience and customer loyalty. Through machine learning and intelligent analytics, we make it easier to look beyond your client’s support issues and get to the root of the problem.

Strategic Consulting & Advisory Services

Allsec’s team of consultants provide advanced advisory services across each of our service offerings. Partnering with the right outsourcing company can be a time-consuming activity. For this reason, our experts are constantly finding the best ways to reach desired results. Our consulting services go beyond conventional models to provide a holistic and agile view of process outsourcing.