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The world’s most popular brands are defined by their customer experiences, and that is most certainly by design. In the digital-first world, customers are not just looking for great first impressions but lasting impressions. In this ‘New Normal’ it’s important to realise that 86% of customers are are willing to invest more for an exceptional customer experience.

customer CSAT score

increase in conversions

tech support driven FCR

reduction in bounce rate

Transforming Customer Support
with Digital-Led Solutions

Customer Service

In the ever-changing business landscape, our customer-centric approach blends AI and deep-tech predictive analytics with human insights, delivering exceptional customer service.
  • Inbound & Outbound CX
  • Email & Chat
  • Sales & Collections
  • Tech Support
  • AI and Deep-Tech Led Digital Transformation Solutions
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Acquisition

Allsec's Efficient customer acquisition strategy combines customer profiling, lead scoring, automated outreach, and analytics for success.
  • Data-Driven Customer Profiling
  • Lead Scoring and Prioritization
  • Predictive Analytics for Sales Revenue Enhancement – Cross & Up-selling

Technical Support

From simple query resolution to complex escalations, our intuitive, lean & empathy-driven operations model tackles them all. With Allsec, faster problem solving, real-time tech resolutions, and higher FCR are all a given.
  • L1/L2/L3 tech support services
  • Product support
  • Helpdesk
  • Troubleshooting
  • In-warranty service management
  • Self service portals

Insights and Updates

Hit the Customer Experience homerun with latest insights, articles, findings, and blogs on innovative CEM technology, checklists to outsource customer service and digital transformation strategies.

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Our Custom Suite of Technology Levers

Unforgettable customer experiences are defined by frictionless conversations. As the leader among the Call Center Outsourcing Companies, we put your customers first and deliver smart solutions with over 25 in-house tools developed by our expert team.

Meet Interax™.
Our suite of technology drivers that make unforgettable experiences,
a reality.

  • CLM+: Customer Interaction Manager that includes Custom calling Applicaiton, Third Party API Integration, SMS/Email Campaigner, Call-back Manager, and Reports Manager
  • TRANS+: Data Transformation Manager that includes RPA, OCR/ICR, and Random Validations
  • INSIGHTS+: Output/Reports Manager that includes Realtime Web-Reporting, Automated Daily Reports, Trend Analyser, and Drill Down, Drill Through Reporting
  • DIAL+: Input File Manager that includes Campaign Manager, Scrub/DNC Manager, Automated File processing & Encryption / Decryptions, and Data Allocation Portals

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