Customer Service Outsourcing

Bolster Business Growth
Through Smarter Collections

increase in late-stage collections

increase in contacts per hour

1% to 3.5%
right party contact rate increased

increase in conversions using segmentation analytics

Leverage Allsec’s Proven Strategies
to Accelerate Collections

Collections & Debt Recovery

Successfully navigate the complex collections landscape with 100% regulatory compliance through analytics-driven solutions and an optimized workflow.

  • 1st party collections
  • Payment programs
  • Skip tracing
  • Omnichannel capabilities
  • Cash application

Fraud Prevention & Chargeback Management

Hit the ground running with our plug-and-play approach
to Chargebacks and Fraud Prevention delivered in a
100% service model.

  • Credit card backend request
  • Fraud/Risk account management
  • Dispute management
  • Payments research & posting
  • Correspondence mail management
  • Fraud transaction review

Recover Debts. Retain Relationships.

Collecting debt is key to managing cash flows. Allsec delivers a highly robust solution for first-party collections by pairing intelligent technology drivers with deep domain and process expertise. Our smart collection practices across clients have resulted in increased portfolio penetration through fail-proof practices that include analytics-driven account allocation and rigorous in-house agent training.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Allsec offers cradle-to-grave Debt Recovery Services that deliver higher hit rates, greater collectibles, and an overall increase in customer retention than our competitors. Our deep domain expertise and experience as a leader among call center outsourcing companies, our singular ability to harness the right technology, and our adherence to regulations provide companies with smart, reliable, and compliant solutions.

Our 360° Approach

debt profiling

contact strategy


Unique approach to
return mail research

Amicable & empathetic
collections strategies

20+ years of
domain experience

Extensive analytical

100% compliance with
US laws and practices

Insights and Updates

Dive into insightful blogs, informative articles, real-world case studies, and whitepapers. Stay informed and discover new strategies to excel in debt collection.

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