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We specialize in delivering accuracy at scale for businesses across a multitude of industries, by leveraging our decades of expertise in process excellence and regulatory compliance. Our end to end compliance solutions excel at helping companies mitigate risk, prevent reputational damage and meet global regulatory requirements. We help enhance your existing compliance process frameworks by identifying systemic operational weaknesses and redesigning critical processes.

reduction in process completion times


vigilance by dedicated experts


Partner with us and stay on top of the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape and the risks associated with it. We access multiple global databases, proprietary systems and offer efficient solutions to AML compliance. Our research and automation practices are predicated on speed and precision. We thrive at decoding complex transaction data, verifying backgrounds, credentials, certifications and much more!

KYC Onboarding & Remediation

Streamlining customer onboarding and conducting regular reviews to ensure compliance with identity verification and due diligence requirements.

Transaction Monitoring

Continuous tracking of customer transactions to detect and report unusual or suspicious financial activity in real-time.

Suspicious Activity Reports

Timely filing of reports with authorities when suspicious transactions or behaviors are identified, aiding in potential money laundering or fraud investigations.

Name Screening

Screening customer names against watchlists and sanctions lists to identify individuals or entities with potential risk or legal restrictions.

L1 Alerts Review

Initial review and assessment of alerts generated by monitoring systems to determine the urgency and potential risk level of each alert.

Insights and Updates

Elevate your AML/KYC verification process with the latest insights, articles, findings,  and blogs with industry best practices.

Streamlining FinTech Onboarding Process: The Crucial Role of Identity Verification


Fraud Prevention Solutions for a Leading Fintech Company


Our Tech Enablers

A single point of compliance

In addition to our robust AML/KYC Outsourcing solutions, we offer future-proof risk management services that leverage expertise, process and technology to deliver complete digital transformation of compliance.

The Allsec Advantage

Indigenous Tools & Apps
We automate processes thereby eliminating errors,
and offer audit tools to ensure 100% compliance.

Legal & Process Expertise
We have empanelled legal experts ranging from attorneys to law enforcement agents, and process experts adept at analysing both voice and non-voice processes.

Hands-off Value
We enable you to focus on core competencies even during times of request influx.

Rapid Turnaround
We deliver quick solutions whether you are looking for backlog remediation.

Save between 30-75% on your compliance programs.

Improved Customers Satisfaction
We maximise QA result in voice processes thereby greatly increasing CSAT scores.

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