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Allsec offers a single, integrated, fully automated platform to handle functions from payroll input collection to payroll related compliance. With over 2 decades of experience, we deliver the most powerful, error-free, and low-touch payroll management services among companies in India and globally. Our payroll experts in the India, and the Philippines are adept at managing some of the most complex pay and tax scenarios, ensuring 100% payroll related compliance and reliable results.

In addition, Allsec is not only a pioneer in the field of payroll and HR management but also excels in addressing payroll complexities across 35+ industries and 15+ sectors. With 20+ years of unmatched experience, we’ve consistently delivered exceptional solutions to meet diverse organizational needs.

Allsec Technologies is recognized as a top HR services provider by the leading knowledge network – CIO Review. We provide organizations with a comprehensive HRMS platform where every employee interaction can be managed.

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Client Employee NPS is the highest among managed services, Best-in-industry Query Response Time and FTR percentage, Delivery centers – 60% of the delivery team is tenured beyond 10 years.

A Platform That Works For All Workforce Types

White-collar employees perform managerial or professional work. They get a fixed salary as a remuneration every month end. They are largely tech-friendly and would require more info on Employee Self Service Portal, especially pertaining to their payroll and related services. Guidelines on Tax Declarations, information on Year-End Processing, quick response to their queries, and easy to access a mobile app (where they can do most of their transactions in few clicks) are some of the facilities they need.

Blue-collar jobs are manual, labor-intensive, and associated with trade unions. Industries employing blue-collar workers include retail, manufacturing, food service, and construction. Blue collars are paid on workdays and are not tech-savvy. Hence, usage of Employee Self-Service portal usage is minimal.

The payroll complexity for blue-collars is quite high. Most come under union agreements, minimum wage monitoring as per labor law, and will have backdated salary revisions. The payroll system adopted should be able to handle retro salary calculation including revision of overtime payments which got paid on old salary.

These employees operate on the field and keep traveling. Monitoring attendance and calculation of pay and taxes are some of the challenges in their payroll processing. The income of these employees also fluctuates monthly depending on performance. Allsec’s mobile application with Geo-tagging and Geo-fencing facilities monitors attendance and allows employees to view pay information, update tax status, and raise queries on the move.

Multiple contractors with daily/weekly payroll, ensuring contractors comply with Government labor laws and monitoring attendance are major challenges in managing payroll for this workforce. Varying complexities and wide differences in contract agreements provide a unique dimension to their payroll processing. Allsec’s SmartPay tracts all their information via robust tools and allow error-free payment.

Multi-currency processing, accounting in the local country, and taxation, are big challenges in managing payroll for expats. Adhering to compliance and minimum payment laws specific to the country of operation is non-negotiable. Allsec’s robust payroll management system allows seamless processing of payroll regardless of local laws and regulations.

Contractual workers, engaged for specific projects, require a user-friendly Employee Self-Service Portal that provides transparent compensation details, project tracking tools, tax information, year-end processing guidance, swift query resolution, and mobile accessibility to cater to their unique needs as temporary contributors to the workforce.

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Payroll That Is as Dynamic as Your Workforce

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