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Configurable Payroll Solutions
Tailor-Made for the Manufacturing Industry

FTCs raised per month for a single client

24 hrs
query response time

5 days
payroll processing time

compliant to relevant labor laws, regulations and industry standards

Unraveling Payroll Complexities in Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies grapple with payroll challenges stemming from complex pay structures, which necessitate more resources for routine calculations. A complex organizational structure, tracking time and attendance for a diverse workforce, integrating with production and inventory systems, and safeguarding data, add layers of complexity and contribute to the industry’s overarching challenges in payroll management.

Cutting-edge payroll solutions for the manufacturing industry

Offer & Onboarding
Streamline the onboarding process through customizable workflows and automated offer letter generation.

LTA Management
Automate leave, time, and attendance tracking for increased HR efficiency

Payroll Processing
Experience seamless and accurate payroll processing tailored to your unique requirements.

Offboarding & Alumni Portal
Bid farewell with grace and ease using our automated exit processes, saving time and effort.

Configurable ESS
Empower your management and employees with a flexible and user-friendly platform.

HR Compliance
Stay 100% compliant with prevalent employment laws.

Reports & Analytics
Custom report builder for HR & Finance stakeholders which enables seamless report generation and JV posting into client ERP.

Employee Infostore
Reduce HR effort in maintaining and retrieving employee data for both active and separated employees. Manage employee master data with ease.

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