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The Quintessential Back-to-Work HR Checklist

After months of remote working, the workforce is gradually returning to pre-pandemic norm. For human resources, this means tackling another pivot in working habits this year. While technology has been a saving grace for HR during the pandemic, it can help with workforce reintegration too. Effective HR management software can guide employees on how to readapt to a workplace routine while providing comfort and security during the transition.

Here are four tools to help employees resume work with confidence:

Digitized and Scalable HR Portal

Adequate communication on updated norms, practices and safety methods in the office will be of paramount importance. A reliable HR management software can ensure swift, contactless communication with all employees across the firm, and help with other essential functions such as tracking shifts and providing quick access to payroll details. Investing in a fully-digitized, scalable and customizable end-to-end HR software can reduce touchpoints without compromising on efficiency.

SaaS-Enabled Software

An important aspect to consider while transitioning to full-time work is the continuity of operations. Cloud solutions can help maintain this continuity at an organizational level. This is perhaps why even as overall IT spending is on the decline, cloud services worldwide are expected to grow by 6.3% in 2020 to total $257.9 billion, according to Gartner.
From SaaS payroll and billing to enterprise risk management, cloud services for HR can improve flexibility, coordination and speed, while ensuring secure access. It appears to be one of the most promising investments to make for an organization that is opening its physical location up for business again.

Empathetic Engagement

Technology can be a powerful empathy-enabler in business, especially during sensitive times such as now. For one, automation and AI can take on routine activities while freeing up time for employees to focus on more important functions.
In the HR department, this can mean eschewing mundane tasks like data analysis or performance monitoring in favor of real interaction with employees. This can help them understand how employees may be coping with the circumstances and working with them to find solutions to improve workplace safety and engagement. For other employees, the ease and anonymity of HR self-service portals provided with efficient HR management software can increase feelings of safety, that will ultimately contribute to higher productivity.

Tech-Based Recruitment

Talent acquisition and recruitment are vital to business continuity. Even amidst a pandemic, businesses need to find suitable people to fill up vacant roles – through campus placements or internal shuffling of resources. However, social distancing rules imply that even new recruitment and onboarding will need to adapt to a virtual setting. AI-powered HR software can match suitable candidates to vacant roles, allowing recruitment to go on without anyone having to step outdoors. Tech-based tools for hiring, sourcing and final integration into the company can make the whole hiring process seamless.

SmartHR Solutions with Allsec

A trustworthy HR outsourcing partner can simplify the transition back to work with efficiency, flexibility and empathy intact. Allsec’s SmartHR solution provides everything you need for a safe back-to-work HR strategy, from anytime-anywhere access, low-touch SaaS payroll management, digital compliance platform and detailed analytical reports on employee performance and productivity. Reach out to us for more information.

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