L&D is the next step in HR Tech

There’s a lot of talk in HR circles about automation being the next biggest thing. We’ve seen a considerable number of organizations leverage tech move to cloud based solutions, and many more will follow suit within the next five years.

While solutions may come and solutions may go, there’s one thing that is more important to any organization. Its people.

Investing in talent

The standard for recruiting is always going up due to a greater number of qualified candidates entering the market every year. Right now, companies need to focus on their building policy rather than their buying policy.

However, catching them up to speed with the company’s culture code, processes and compliance policies can cost a sizable chunk of the budget. Additionally, there is always the concern that employees may take up another opportunity in a different organization making the training moot.

Eye on the prize

The future is just as important as the present. A clear business goal/objective can drive an entire department to work in tandem and produce effective results. Investment by the organization in skilling employees is a win-win proposition, but that’s not always the practice.

If you’re wondering why most companies don’t focus heavily on employee learning and development, it’s also because of the number of variables that prevent executives from envisioning a clear future. Usually, it’s just easier to avoid planning all together.

Tech fueled solutions

Some futuristic concepts HR tech companies have projected include an ‘everything tech driven’ solution and virtual reality interactive options.

Another trend that may soon hit the shelves is Automated Training Need Analysis. A rules-based decision engine can make training simple – from finding the right coursework to delivering it. In a disruptive and innovative exercise, these solutions have additional features such as creating custom courses for employees by analyzing their learning patterns using ML and AI.

Smarter and smarter technologies to help clients find “just what we need” along the lines of performance support. They can now also buy systems that let employees publish and share content without any major effort on their part.

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