Inject true value into your HR functions with automation

The world runs on human capital, of that we are certain. But what many organizations don’t account for is the toll that rapid growth takes on a thriving workforce. Why do so many startups with funding burnout so soon? How do established companies brave wave after wave of market fluctuations? The secret, is in their HR practices.

When an organization grows, performance pressures and shifting timelines impact existing resources, while simultaneously placing the burden of recruiting more talent on the HR department. Hiring functions are especially crucial as they mark the beginning of a candidate’s journey with your organization.

Keeping it simple, keeping it warm

Jim Holincheck, previously of Gartner, touted the advantages of maintaining a ‘warm’ process to hire candidates. We understand that by leveraging social media to reach out to candidates, organizations can simplify interactions with potential recruits, resulting in ‘warm’ candidates.

In the digital era, it is of utmost importance to be present across digital media and incorporating elements of casual communication in the HR hiring process.

Automation in HRO

Software-as-a-Service and cloud based solutions are increasingly adopted in the HRO space. Neatly packaged and bundled services are using intelligent automation to streamline and enhance processes. When you tie up with an established partner, you also gain access to years of expertise in the payroll space and beyond.

End-to-end solutions that handle the entire employee life cycle on single platforms are also available, handling many functions including onboarding, time and attendance, payroll and e-separation. Connecting all processes simplifies HR management by incorporating ERP and Financial tools under one umbrella.

Creating value for your organization

  1. Integration automated:
    Lighten the load on your administrative staff by scheduling data transfers between your ERP and payroll solutions.
  2. Data validation:
    SaaS payroll solutions employ rules-based approach that can process all functions – from pre-payroll to post-payroll – with accuracy thus minimising errors.
  3. Workflow optimization:
    Standardize processes and allocate resources through a systematic approach that consolidates disparate systems and associated workflows into one SaaS solution.
  4. Data standardization:
    Deliver high quality payroll to all your employees by standardising your data processes.
  5. Analytics:
    Integrate machine intelligence with your HR functions to exemplify analytics efforts. SaaS-powered analytics can provide boardroom insights on payroll costs to support business decision-making.

The final word

Automation has a wide range of applications across all HR functions, freeing up valuable resources to focus on recruiting the right talent and fulfilling business objectives.

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