Message from the Chief Executive Officer

In a world where change is the only constant, our journey at Allsec Technologies has been defined by an unwavering commitment to all our stakeholders – our customers, our shareholders, our business associates & last but not least our people who are the bedrock of our Company. Over the past two decades, we have cemented our position as a leader in the HR Operations industry whilst retaining our position as a preferred partner for our clients in the Digital Business Services space. Today we stand at the brink of an exciting transformation, poised to chart a path towards greater innovation and expansion. 

The cornerstone for our vision, centers around driving critical growth for Digital Business Services in the North American market. We aim to achieve this by propelling the US Sales engine taking our business transformation success stories to a larger group of prospects. The second objective revolves around strengthening and growing our leadership position in HR Outsourcing within India through the constant refresh of our HR Solutions ensuring that they remain cutting-edge. Growing our footprint in International markets (South East Asia, Africa & Middle East) also remains a key objective for the medium term. 

Comprehensive HR, Payroll & Compliance Services

The HRMS market is experiencing remarkable growth with a substantial CAGR of 12% and by 2030, the value of this segment is expected to reach USD 33.6 billion.* This upward trajectory is fueled by the emergence of streamlined HRMS and cloud-based solutions that promote efficient applicant data management. 

At Allsec, we are proud to be at the forefront of this transformation as a premier payroll service provider in India. We process over ~ 15 million employee records annually. Our long-serving staff SMEs, with over 22 years of experience combined with our state-of-the-art Center of Excellence (COE) enable us to deliver unmatched Turn-Around-Times and error free payroll month after month. 

In response to the dynamic market environment, Allsec offers a comprehensive system that is highly streamlined and configurable. Our HRMS solutions also seamlessly integrate payroll, employee benefits and other essential functions. By utilizing the latest technology and placing utmost significance on information security, we guarantee the precision of data and the safeguarding of sensitive information. While large enterprises have been historically dominated by ERP and HCM solutions, our goal is also to service the enterprise-SaaS market by leveraging the decades of experience we have accrued in Payroll and Compliance. 

* Source: Market Research Future

Enhancing Operations through Digital Business Services

Customer experience management has emerged as a critical differentiator across industries & presents unparalleled opportunities for us to drive operational excellence and excel in delivering seamless solutions, especially in Banking, Insurance and Healthcare domains. Allsec is also committed to leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge technologies to support organizations in their digital transformation journeys. Our tailored services optimize Operations, ensure compliance and deliver superior end-customer experience. 

Allsec is at the forefront empowering businesses to engage customers at every touchpoint through innovative solutions, advanced analytics and technology-driven insights. Our commitment to enhancing customer experience is evident in the remarkable metrics we deliver across industry verticals. 

At every juncture, our skilled workforce has been the linchpin of our achievements. This year, our central emphasis revolves around managing talent and fostering learning and growth. Nurturing skills, cultivating leadership potential and offering comprehensive training avenues all play a pivotal role in delivering outstanding outcomes for our clients.

At Allsec, Diversity and Inclusion stand as core principles. We cultivate an all-encompassing culture tailored to empower each person as well as the entire community. Our resolve lies in endorsing and advancing women in middle and senior management positions, thereby crafting a diverse leadership ensemble that mirrors the exceptional aptitude of our workforce.

Looking forward

The future holds exciting times for Allsec. We aim to be relentless in our pursuit of holistic growth fuelled through our steadfast commitment to our customers. We acknowledge the significance of enhanced agility in our service delivery, facilitated by internal automation and a consistent emphasis on data quality. As we look towards a brighter digital future, we take this opportunity to thank all our key stakeholders for their support in FY23 & look forward to its continuance in FY24 & beyond. 

With Best Regards 

Naozer Dalal
Chief Executive Officer 

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