Background checks are an essential HR step before hiring the right talent. Yet, they can be a time-consuming and challenging process. According to AuthBridge, in 2020, 8% of candidates misled when applying for jobs.

The IT sector had the most discrepancy in employee background checks at 16.60%. The second-highest disparity was in the healthcare sector.

Background verification is essential to scrutinize an employee’s work history, residential proof, educational credentials, and legal records. Even a small error can cost the business money and goodwill. This is why employers must be extra cautious when conducting background checks.

The Impediments

Identity Verification

Identity theft is quite common, especially in remote working and digital workplaces. To ensure that an individual is who they are portraying themselves to be, it is essential for employers to conduct thorough checks. This may include verifying government IDs and checking them digitally as well.

Court Record Check

A court record check is necessary as part of a thorough background check. You can verify pending lawsuits, money laundering cases or instances of insider trading.

Police Verification

Checking an individual’s police records helps understand their criminal history. Your firm may not have laws against employing ex-convicts but it is essential to know if someone has had a history of committing serious crimes. This will ensure that the candidate does not try any of these antics at your workplace.

Education Verification

It is easy to fake an educational qualification in today’s times. Employers must confirm the institution, degree and the period of education to check the veracity of an applicant’s educational qualifications.

Address Verification

According to the AuthBridge report, East India had the highest address check mismatch at 5.45%. Address verification is necessary to check if the applicant has provided the right address. It can also help confirm if they are a national citizen.

Employment Verification

Employee verification helps verify previous work experience. This tells you whether the employee is a good fit for the role they are set to fill.

Other Verifications

Social media verifications and referral checks may also be necessary for background checks. You can steer clear of candidates who have previously made inappropriate or hate comments or other acts that could tarnish the company’s image.

Other Verifications

The best way to overcome the challenges of background verification is to put in a specialized system to go through the scrutinizing process. When managing a successful business and hiring good employees, it isn’t smart to become a jack of all trades.
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