Automating Lab Requisitions

A 2016 study on paper based laboratory request forms revealed that around 54.8% of paper based lab requisitions were unclear. Moving to an electronic based lab requisition process can create huge benefits for healthcare providers through efficient data capture, management and reporting.

Technology plugs the gaps

Healthcare labs process multiple requests from different healthcare providers. Manually reviewing and splitting of ERA files to post into different vendor specific systems, and lock boxes is therefore time consuming and susceptible to mistakes. Data entry errors are also common in manually processed EOBs making it a costly administrative activity. An automated solution that provides integrated lockbox and document management facilities can reduce these process overheads.

Another integral part of lab requisitions and insurance segments is diagnostic codes. When diagnostic codes are not accurately specified, it can influence the physician to choose codes that do not rightly reflect/match the patient’s condition.

Such missing or misrepresented clinical parameters affect patient diagnosis, and provision of medical advice. Claims denials due to insufficient/inaccurate documentation of patient information, coded procedures or diagnoses, are a major bottleneck in the payment processing workflow, adding more paperwork to the process, and delaying final payments. A tech enabled process allows for accurate data capture thereby eliminating these process inefficiencies.

An electronic solution further enables secure saving, accessing and sharing of patient information. With technical safeguards including transmission security, a tech solution can ensure your healthcare processes are HIPAA compliant.

The final word

Reports show that clinicians spend around 3 weeks per year on billing and other administrative tasks which eat into patient care.

Working with a healthcare automation provider, enables facilities to identify bottlenecks, and free resources, to improve patient care and engagement. Electronic lab requisition systems can help healthcare providers execute administration and compliance tasks efficiently with secure data storage, streamlined laboratory workflow processes, and reduced revenue losses from claims denials and human errors.

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