Healthcare Solutions for Providers

Simplify Healthcare Billing and Payments Posting

Healthcare providers should modernize their payments processes to be able to provide patients with superior experience and flexible options, effectively manage their revenue cycles, reduce turnaround times, and minimize overhead and other costs. By working with Healthcare Outsourcing companies, they can automate admin-intensive tasks can help providers focus more on what matters, which is ultimately, their patients’ health.

Modernization, however, can be very costly and complex as providers must ensure that they remain compliant with industry standards such as HIPAA, invest in the right solutions, and obtain the right expertise to manage and monitor their modernization initiatives. Healthcare Outsourcing companies can comfortably provide the right type of solutions demanded by the industry.

Did you know that 15% can make a world of difference? A partially electronic solution doesn’t completely eliminate paperwork from the process. Switch to a 100% ERA solution for improved cost savings, and better focus on patient care.

Allsec’s BPO Services for Healthcare Providers

Leverage Automation. Transform Healthcare.

Understanding the needs of healthcare providers for modernization, Allsec has developed hosted solutions that help providers offload admin-intensive payment posting, manual data entry, and costly reconciliation processes:

  • Automate your workflow by converting all paper EOBs into postable ERAs for a quick, accurate and efficient remittance
  • All payments matched to original 837 claims
  • Paper EOBs converted to 835 postable files
  • ERAs processed and normalized
  • Payment reconciled to bank deposits
  • Auto-matching payment posting
  • Payments forwarded to centralized mailroom
  • Mail opened, sorted, and prepped
  • All EOBs and checks scanned
  • Funds deposited via Check 21 to bank neutral DDA
  • Scanned images are archived for user retrieval
  • Match all payments to original 837 claim
  • Convert paper EOBs to 835 postable claims
  • Process and normalize ERAs
  • Reconciliation of payments to bank depoits
  • Auto matching payement posting
  • Client sends Allsec Requisition images
  • Allsec captures data within 24 hours
  • Allsec sends client HL7 data file
  • Providing responses to our patients’ billing questions and inquiries.
  • Updating patient insurance records
  • Accepting payments
  • Patient Scheduling

Our solutions allow you to:

  • Standardize inbound payments and remittance files, matching Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) with the corresponding Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
  • Access archived EOB images, claim files, and all captured data
  • Eliminate the need for paper handling and storage
  • Leverage advanced analytics to determine and prevent potential risky transactions
  • Post payments within 24-48 hours
  • Obtain visibility into financial transactions

Which in turn, allows you to:

  • Improve operational efficiency and minimize delays
  • Redirect overhead and other costs
  • Accelerate ROI and increase cash flow velocity
  • Easily access data when needed, as needed
  • Provide more excellent healthcare services


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