HR Technology Can Streamline Your Practices

The global workforce has evolved from what it was a few decades ago to where it stands today. There’s diversity in nationality, race, gender and culture. Most organizations have welcomed the change with open arms, making their employees feel welcome.

Unfortunately, HR ‘best practices’ have remained rigid for the most part. Merit based increases, annual performance reviews, and rigid career opportunities have not changed in many traditional industries.

There’s a change in the air

With millennials joining the workforce in droves, we see new recruits enter the game at higher levels of each industry with increasing levels of specialty. Additionally, there is a greater opportunity to travel as organizations are becoming more global and projects more collaborative.

Installing a modern system of HR Management

The metrics we base employee performance on have remained the same through the decades; productivity, efficiency and the ability to work well with other team members are all good measures of performance. However, the value assigned to each may sometimes be tainted by bias no matter the intentions of HR personnel.

Similarly, a global workforce cannot be salaried in rigid slabs as fluidity is essential to account for standard of living, taxes, returns and individual employee needs.

A modern, technology driven HR platform can take the hassle out of conducting performance reviews and offer more than one source of feedback. Here’s a look at how a HRMS can transform your organization.

Scope of Allsec’s tech driven solution

Using a common repository to store all employee information such as location, wages, benefits and reviews can simplify HR functions. The process flow takes employees from onboarding through to e-separation.

  1. Onboarding involves a lot of paperwork. Digitizing the process can simplify hiring and automate entry of employee information into the database. For example, Allsec’s SmartHR platform can store digital signatures on onboarding documents, in addition to sending out pre-programmed emails. By assigning a unique ID to every new recruit, it initiate’s the employee journey through the system.
  2. Time and Attendance is an integral part of an employee’s journey through the organization. It is the metric that is most widely used to determine performance and dedication. Any HRMS should at the very least have a comprehensive workflow associated with monitoring in-time, and incorporate an approval function.
  3. Benefits enrolment and management need to be maintained meticulously as employees always have the option of adding beneficiaries or opting into new plans offered by the organization.
  4. Payroll functions are the most resource intensive, yet most important in any company. At Allsec, we believe the local and global rules for payroll processing should be programmed into the engine to reduce human touch points. This serves a dual purpose of easily handling changes in inputs even in the case of promotions or relocation.
  5. Integrated helpdesk features can leverage intelligent automation and a chatbot to provide employees with quick access to payslips and other information.

The final word

Automation and machine learning can refine HR functions to provide the most seamless and efficient solutions for every organization.

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