Make the best of workforce management and payroll

Spreadsheets with all their functionalities and multitude of options are an outdated way of keeping tabs on all the tasks and deadlines in a project. Managers across every industry can attest to this fact.

The strategic advantage of employing a workforce management tool lies in the flexibility it offers when managing hundreds of employees working on multiple projects simultaneously.

For example, in contact centers, spreadsheets are insufficient when trying to manage a multi-channel approach. They need to be updated too often and require managers to constantly ‘guess’ at what the optimal time frame for breaks or offline activities are. Additionally, it is impossible to tell if schedules are even being followed – if they aren’t, preparing them is a waste of resources.

Digitizing workforce management

Technology-driven solutions streamline the efforts of the entire workforce by efficiently managing them. A purely digital solution allows employees to stay connected even if they aren’t physically present. This can open up an entirely flexible operational model, transforming the way employees engage with the business.

Besides simply creating schedules, workforce management also strives to intelligently engage employees and boost productivity. While the methods and activities may vary from one organization to another, the solution platform can capture the results, which can then be analysed to see what works for your employees and what doesn’t.

Typical modules

Most workforce management solutions include Time and Attendance as a core module. As a major factor in payroll, this is one of the most robust modules. As a fallout of Time and Attendance, Absence Management plays an integral role in keeping schedules on track. Additionally, tracking Benefits and Liens can provide a more holistic profile of the employer to the payroll engine.

When you work with high-performing tools, you receive the added benefit of frequent updates and compliance with tax regulations at the federal and state levels.

Outsourcing WFM and Payroll

Payroll functions are the backbone of a strong business and outsourcing has proven to reduce overhead costs and free up valuable resources. However, workforce management drives payroll. Just imagine the benefits of a completely hands off approach to your workforce!

When you outsource both, you can further improve process efficiencies by creating connections between your online and offline employee functions.

The final word

Playing things close to the vest may not be in your best interest when it comes to managing your workforce. Outsourcing your WFM and Payroll to a trusted partner on the other hand, can simplify your repetitive HR functions and drive internal productivity.

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