How to get a jump on customer self-help support

We live in the age of most diverse demographic when it comes to customer support. There are the Gen X, Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen Y and Gen Z. With each demographic comes a different set of expectations.

The model has a holistic approach in conducting a 360 degree review of an account, but only to the extent necessary to address the risk. It also defines terms that are highly specific to the method: Breadth and Depth.

The Knowledge Center

It is extremely important to have a knowledge center, and not just because it’s what your marketing department suggested. Customers appreciate a brand that connects with them and provides proactive guidance when there’s an issue.

The repository can include FAQs, User Guides, Instruction and Setup Manuals, and much more. By consistently updating the information you provide, customers can find quick solutions to the most commonly occurring issues. A helpful feature in your repository would be an index.

Collecting frequent feedback on articles and tracking the expiration of existing information can ensure customers are offered the most effective solutions to their queries.

The digital edge

Irrespective of the demographic your customer is from, one thing is for certain – they want immediate resolution. When creating a knowledge repository, you must also ensure multi-channel access to it.

For example, someone from Gen Z might prefer to view an online version of a manual whereas Baby Boomers may prefer an email that they can access any time.

Additionally, your customer support team must stay updated on the knowledge base so that they can lead customers to the right help at the right time.

The future of customer support

A large chunk of customer care is also being automated. Intelligent systems and virtual assistants may soon take up the role of multiple customer support representatives. But this is only possible once a comprehensive knowledge base has been created.

The final word

Studies show that a customer’s first choice is to visit a company’s website before turning to any other channel for support. Unfortunately, websites are not optimized for customer use and the information provided is likely outdated or insufficient.

By consistently generating knowledge and presenting them in easily digestible formats such as videos, presentations and manuals, you can rapidly improve resolution rates. Besides simplifying customer care, this is also an important step on the journey towards automation and innovation in contact centers.

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