Be Everywhere Your Customers Are

Customer care is like a finely balanced meal. There are entrees, main courses and desserts. But you can’t forget wine pairings or the chef’s special. The customer experience is as important as the meal itself.

Changing trends have put a mobile device in the hands of every individual. Unsurprisingly, Gen Z is increasingly turning to the digital world for inputs. Your customers are experiencing your brand at every moment. Whether you are saying anything or not, they are interacting with your product or solution. The most important question to ask yourself is this: when a customer asks you for help on Twitter, are you going to be there for them?

Multi-channel or omni-channel?

Every omni-channel approach is multi-channel but not every multi-channel approach is an omni-channel one.
An omni-channel approach goes beyond being available to customers at all times of the day. It is about creating a seamless experience for them, both online and offline.

There’s something to be said for having an excellent social media strategy, optimally functional and high converting website, and a prompt customer service facility. But for it to be considered omni-channel, you have to ensure that the experience is the same across ecosystems.

Where are your customers?

Most organizations and retailers have embraced the digital world and made their products and services available on-demand. Taking it a step further than making websites mobile-friendly, can make all the difference in an omni-channel experience.

If you’re still not sure why you need to change your approach to customer service, here are some impressive figures from a study:

  • 20% of customers use their mobile devices to look for coupon or product information while in-store.
  • Digital wallets and personalised rewards that can be easily accessed via mobile are popular with customers.
  • 52% of retailers monitor social media.
  • One-third of retailers have equipped in-store personnel with mobile devices to quickly access inventory.

Customers expect personalized service from brands – direct to them via text, email or social media.

The handshake between online and offline

Store employees are the perfect source of insight into your customers’ preferences. They can tell you what customers look for, what they have responded well to and what their issues are typically. This treasure trove of information, when translated to the online channels, can help you personalize messages based on minutiae such as time of day, geo-location, etc.

Similarly, keeping your employees apprised of campaigns you run on various platforms can go a long way in delighting customers. Take for example, a newsletter subscription campaign that gives customers 20% off on their purchases. By letting tellers know, the information can be relayed to customers who stand to gain an unexpected discount.

The final word

Take a proactive stance towards your customer service and take your business to them. Look beyond the technology and focus on business objectives to serve your customers exactly what they need. An omni-channel approach doesn’t only help convert good leads but can also create an impact that extends beyond a single purchase.

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