Customer Service Above Loyalty

Why Customer Experience is More Important than Loyalty

Gone are the days when companies could safely assume that a customer who converted, would stay loyal to the brand. In today’s world, where options abound, customers do not hesitate to make a brand switch if they find value elsewhere, especially because product substitutes are easy to come by. Today, companies focus on customer experience through trained employees, digitization and even customer service outsourcing.

According to a PwC report, customers are willing to pay up to 42% more for a friendly experience. One in three customers also said that they would drop a brand they love after just one poor experience.

It is no wonder then that companies are investing more in improving engagement with customers. Companies that meet and exceed customer expectations consistently, whether they tackle it in-house or through outsourced customer service, will automatically win loyal clients.

Additionally, the customer service outsourcing market, which was valued at $70 billion in 2016, is predicted to grow to $110 billion by 2024, as per Global Market Insights, Inc. So, it might just be time to outsource customer service.

Dynamic Service

Customer experience is a complex feat to get right. It involves proactive management of expectations. While speed, convenience and consistency are key factors, a wholistic experience involves human touch. An article from Forrester noted that of the three key factors that determine great customer experience – emotion, effectiveness and ease, emotion was a bigger driver than the other two.

Growing digitization and automation have enabled quicker responses with higher efficiency but are unable to provide the personal touch.

When companies outsource customer service, they can bridge this gap efficiently. A customer service outsourcing company equips you with all the tools required for a seamless digital experience, and provides a skilled workforce too.

For instance, websites and mobile applications with chatbots can be the first point of contact for customers. When that is insufficient, a trained representative can manage the query from there. Using information provided through the system, like details about the customer, their issue, or data on other solutions that have worked in the past, the agent can customize the solution.

Predictive Support

In order to stay ahead of competition, companies across industries need to optimize every interaction with customers, and find a balance between technology and humanized experiences. This is especially true for industries like banking and e-commerce.

Just like a waiter in a restaurant redirects the fan towards a sweating guest, customer service in other industries also have the opportunity to predict client needs in advance. Your customer service outsourcing partner can leverage data collected from multiple touch points such as shopping history, search history, payment preferences, mobile applications, website traffic and more, to forecast issues and offer proactive remedies.

When customers feel cared for, they will automatically return to your brand. Allsec’s customer service outsourcing solution ensures great customer experience, beginning from lead identification to all support functions. The Customer Lifecycle Management solution provides quick responses, active engagement with customers, and accurate problem-solving through its omni-channel processes.

The Bottom Line

Customers these days are spoilt for choice. Unless they are guaranteed a frictionless and low-stress experience with maximum value, businesses stand to lose ground. The key then, is to devise a strategy that combines technological solutions with well-trained humans that actively engage customers, irrespective of whether a company outsources customer service or invests in an internal team.

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