Here’s Why You Should Get an AI-Driven Employee Self-Service

Artificial intelligence has transformed business, especially the way in which customers interact with the company. Its long-tendrilled knowledge base, enhanced in part by machine and deep learning, enables streamlined customer self-service. 

Much like customers, a number of employee queries are also routine in nature, most often centering around organizational policies. Today’s employees are accustomed to a dynamic, multi-generational work environment that is constantly improving engagement through new technology. Equipping employee self-service (ESS) with advanced technology can speed up organizational processes and enhance employee experience. 

Quicker Response Time

An AI helpdesk can answer common questions promptly and cut response time in half. Being available 24×7 to assist employees means fewer delays. Moreover, quality HR outsourcing companies that provide advanced ESS will also be adept at directing more complex questions to right the human executive, thereby freeing up time for the HR team to focus their efforts where really needed.

Employee Empowerment

Employees will be able to tackle their own challenges when backed by a technologically-advanced tool. Often times, when reaching out to HR staff regarding personal queries like salary or taxation, human error or time delays can lead to frustration. ESS portals that readily provide access to payslips, leave details, benefits and other personal information will improve employee self-sufficiency. 

Deeper Knowledge and Data Access

AI can engage with raw organizational data much better than any human. It can sort through unstructured information in handbooks and PDF documents, draw relevant material and provide more meaningful solutions to problems. The biggest advantage that AI has over people is its ability to learn from past experiences and interactions. AI can incorporate incremental changes, thereby delivering results it could not in the past. 

Prioritizing Queries

Many a time, HR outsourcing companies might not be able to prioritize employee tickets correctly when resolving issues due to various reasons. An AI-driven chatbot can draw from historical conversations with various employees to recognize the urgency of queries, sort them by complexity and settle them in the most appropriate manner. 

Cost Saver

Whether you depend on outsourced HR services or have them in-house, a larger team will need a larger budget. Not only that, replacing employees can be a pricey affair, costing anywhere between $10-$15k to replace one frontline employee, according to the Human Resource Institute. By contrast, AI ESS is a one-time investment, needing only occasional updates, thereby making it economically viable. 

Given the advantages that AI solutions have for business, in terms of time and cost savings, efficiency and ease, it only seems logical for businesses to adopt the same for their employees. 

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