Top Customer Experience Trends to Get on Board With

Customer engagement today looks very different from what it did even a decade ago. In-person interactions have been replaced with virtual connections: more customers have their FAQs answered by chatbots than by people, major purchases are made through online platforms or even social media accounts rather than brick-and-mortar stores. This means that all brands will have to up their digital presence and track technologies that influence shopping habits while ensuring that they do not compromise on quality. Here are some CX trends to keep up with to maintain competitive advantage this year:

Get Your Mobile Game on Point

Smartphones are at the forefront of consumer experience, be it exclusive brand apps or social commerce experiences via Instagram or Facebook. A recent survey shows that an average user spends 3 hours and 15 minutes every day on their phone. Even though consumers might toggle between a computer and a mobile phone for purchase, an Adobe survey report found that 92 percent of respondents use smartphones as their primary device. This means a brand needs to focus on their mobile experience a lot more if they want to retain customers.

Provide Cross-Platform Unity

As mentioned already, tech-savvy customers tend to move back and forth among devices and platforms while engaging with a brand. They may move from an app to a computer or even a mobile browser. This makes having a foolproof digital experience platform that combines experiences across all digital touch points imperative for optimum CX. Making use of application programming interfaces that transfer information across channels and devices for a more personalized user experience can improve the omnichannel experience.

Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Though many people fear that AI will replace jobs, in reality, robots and AI-driven experiences are excellent additions to a CX team. AI, in conjunction with humans, can already perform a multitude of impressive functions including access and apply data, streamline processes, focus actions and model future scenarios. Making this a part of customer service can save time, improve accuracy and elevate digital experience.

Introduce AR/VR

The whole idea of a digital experience is to provide more convenience and ease. Breakthrough technologies are enabling even better interactions through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality platforms. It cuts down time and enables exploration. Retailers can create virtual showrooms, grocery shopping can be made fun through VR, and even home developers can entertain clients through a virtual landscape. Besides being a time saver for consumers, it can also save costs for businesses.

Mind the Stats

Big data analytics can aid with enhanced CX design and delivery. A hoard of data collected from digital platforms can pave the strategy going forward using descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. However, along with this resource comes the need to protect it. Data ethics and privacy is the number one tech trend of the year, according to Gartner. Brands need to respect consumer information, be transparent about its usage, and pay close attention to how they leverage it without compromising on their confidentiality.

Keeping up with the latest trends in CX can be challenging, given the dynamic and rapidly evolving milieu. The key is to actively incorporate consumer feedback and watch out for what the competition is up to.

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