Building a culture of learning with Microlearning

You may not remember this in 30 days.  

According to Hermann Ebbinghaus, the German psychologist who came up with “the forgetting curve”, we forget 80% of what we learn in 30 days.

The backdrop

Hermann Ebbinghaus’s forgetting curve indicates that reviews or reinforcements are essential to internalize and retain the lessons we learn.

Learning has been a subject of interest to educationists, psychologists, and businesses alike. With the emergence of interdisciplinary fields such as behavioural science, we now have deeper lenses through which to approach the science and psychology of learning.

The newer paradigms of learning that have since emerged, are measured and creative responses to our era of short attention spans and information excesses. Enter Microlearning.

The how, what, and why

The medium and method of Microlearning make it best suited for business / corporate trainings in areas such as behavioural change, compliance, and professional or soft skills trainings. Built in short 3-7 minute chunks using innovative methods such as gamification, these micro lessons are delivered across multiple channels and forms that lead to increased retention and engagement. From infographics, videos, games, and case based learning, to memes or blog posts, these nuggets of learning are invaluable tools that serve as reminders and reinforcement.

The unusual interruptive way of delivery startles learners into attention, paving the way for swift internalization. This means that microlearning modules can be designed and delivered to address knowledge gaps and speak to learner / employee pain points in an immediate, direct, and personalized manner. According to Compliance Wave, a company that provides compliance communication tools, microlearning training leads to 20% more retention and 50% more engagement compared to long-form training.

By adopting a microlearning agenda within the organization’s learning and development program, businesses can make learning fun, simple, and a part of day to day life for employees / learners. Microlearning can help organizations create and nurture a learning culture in their workplace.

The tech foundation

An integrated, analytics-driven HR management software provides a solid foundation for building and delivering a microlearning curriculum. The adaptive, trainable nature of AI based systems and tools such as chatbots, also make them ideal channels for delivering custom lessons tailored to employee interest, pace, and job requirements.

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