Re-engineering payroll in the face of compliance

Nowadays, most payroll processes run like clockwork, irrespective of how complex or intricate they may be. However, the real question – the one that matters, is whether the system is optimized for efficiency and and razor-sharp focus, or is there an evident need for Process Re-engineering in order to adapt to changing HR practices.

With companies moving away from Excel and towards ERP solutions to survive the dynamic compliance environment, there are an increasing number of complications in the system. Moreover, an increase in human touch points across functions leads to the overlapping of responsibilities and revenue leakage, and amplifies operating costs.

Allsec provides a holistic approach to process excellence, by combining technology and expertise, to eliminate these inefficiencies.

Compliance through automation

The primary source of improvement lies in automation. Robotic Process Automation has made an ingress into every industry, and has also found its way into the world of compliance.

Whether we discuss IT infrastructure performance, or HR and admin related compliances, RPA reduces the human workforce and maximizes the impact of technology.

For example, updating or creating PF records is normally a staff-intensive task that requires HR employees to manually update government records and generate a UAN code. However, this activity, that originally required a 10 member team to monotonously fill out information, is now automated.

Contextual AI-chatbot

Intelligence combined with automation provides a unique outlook to functions such as the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal. On Allsec’s SmartHR platform, the integrated chatbot is designed to understand and respond to queries relating to the entire gamut of HR processes. With NLP leading the process, the intelligent chatbot understands context and responds in kind, thereby simplifying help desk operations, reducing hiring costs, and most importantly, changing the face of employee support.

A keen eye for excellence

Most organizations that customize their solutions have a tendency to provide the same service to their clients. While internal expertise may offer flexibility, the scalability of the organization can significantly affect ROI. Allsec’s USP lies in identifying which contractual processes can truly be scaled for organizations large and small.

Since overpromising and under-delivering remain two of the biggest challenges for any organization, we help our clients position themselves in order to provide a service, only when it is mutually beneficial.

As technology, HR, and IT continue to borrow from each other, it is no longer about the latest new solution on the market. Right now, Digital Transformations are driven by the solution that does the most to make things comprehensively better.

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