Engage Proactively with Your Customers and Mitigate Churn Risk

Industry surveys reveal that 80% of customers still prefer to talk to a customer service agent over the phone – despite the availability of various alternative channels such as email, chat, social media and online knowledge repositories. Ensuring the quality of your contact center services is a crucial driver of business success especially when you consider the following:

Allsec Voice Intelligence (AVI) Captures and Analyzes Customer Interactions with Speech Analytics

Allsec’s AVI software enables contact centers to drive critical business goals by analyzing existing speech data to build statistically strong models and enrich it with ongoing data to predict outcomes and prescribe likely successful customer engagement process.

  • Our speech analysis software helps monitor agent compliance by checking adherence to script

  • 100% of calls are covered, thereby reducing contact center cost

  • Prompting up-sell/cross-sell opportunities to agent on a real-time basis, leading to increased revenues

  • The Platform suggests process improvements and agent training using agent performance scores and in-call parameter evaluation

  • Customer sentiment analysis using keyword spotting and voice analysis

  • Customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction scoring for customer experience index

Can you afford to implement an advanced Speech Analytics solution? Actually, the question should be: can you afford not to?

Speech Analytics technology allows you to unlock valuable insights hidden behind the conversations your customers are having with your service agents. It goes beyond the content of the conversation (what they say) to parse their intent (what they mean), by analyzing the tone of their voice, the way they pause and interrupt, the volume of their speech, the emotions they express and more.
Our voice analysis software can give you the actionable insights you need to continuously improve and deliver excellent customer service – which can be the key deciding factor for inspiring customer loyalty, increasing market share and differentiating yourself from your competitors.