Andrew Yew

Customer Experience Project Program Management Sr. Analyst
A leading PC manufacturer | Global Support & Deployment CE

Allsec agent Pam did extremely well to capture the customer comments as well as she did and also handle a very disgruntled customer with empathy and great customer service!

Thanks for the good catch on these few calls. Very well mitigated actions.

Site (ANZ) contact Ms. Yasmin had this to say over the phone,
- I listened to Pam’s and Penny’s calls and they are doing a splendid job in handling the customers!
- Your process of identifying low performance agents and training is good and a solid one!

Kalin Bluestone

A leading PC manufacturer - Kalin Bluestone

I wanted to take this time to thank you each for your hard work and dedication. You’ve done a great job keeping up with changes. Thank you for working with us to get the new audit forms in place and ensuring we are able to meet the needs of our stakeholders. Your help is very appreciated!

A World Leader in Retail

We haven't experienced anything like this before from an Outsourced Payroll Function. Clear and well-defined Planning, Documentation, Follow-up, Execution and Accuracy of Outputs. Heartfelt appreciation for the Allsec Team.

A Leading Localization Organization

Well done on timely payroll credits. There can’t be any bigger assurance to employees as regards an organization’s health that timely and accurate payment of Payroll. Keep up the good work!

A Leading FMCG Company

We are very happy with Allsec's Quality of response and Speed of revert of your Helpdesk Function.