With rapid advancements in the telecommunications industry, telecom companies are looking to partner with service providers who can enhance the customer support experience, save cost and reduce risk.

Customer Acquisition and Induction

Allsec focuses on lead generation and conversion in the first step to growing a customer base. We have seen documented improvements in customer acquisition through aggressive methods of introducing and upselling membership programs.

Customer Service and Tech Support

Allsec provides across the board support in terms of query handling and resolution. Our success with an omni-channel approach to an industry focused on only one channel is a testament to our expertise.

Feedback Management

With vast experience in customer satisfaction surveys, Allsec has ensured precise reporting and better performance results for its clients. With indigenous statistical & analytical tools, Allsec provides a comprehensive suite of intelligent solutions for the industry.

Quality Management

Allsec’s quality model covers every medium including voice, email, chat support and paper mail, and ensures the highest standard of quality services. Our team of quality experts are Six Sigma certified and instrumental in bringing about marked improvement in our clients’ quality standards.

Strategic Consulting & Advisory Services

Allsec’s team of consultants provide advanced advisory services across each of our service offerings. Partnering with the right outsourcing company can be a time-consuming activity. For this reason, our experts are constantly finding the best ways to reach desired results. Our consulting services go beyond conventional models to provide a holistic and agile view of process outsourcing.

Client Stories

Allsec has provided Lead Generation Solutions to a world-class telecommunication equipment provider, to generate leads for potential prospects by placing B2B calls, to conduct a quick survey on the current telephone system in place at business facilities and to understand their interest in our client’s range of products.

Allsec handled about 50 million customer interactions annually with a consistent 85% service level for two competing telecom providers in India. Handling 9 major circles for the clients including metropolitan cities in India with a customer base of about 50 million, Allsec was ranked No. 1 by one of the clients in its “Voice of Customer” survey ranking by the Customer Satisfaction Management & Measurement Program.

Allsec provides Quality Management Solutions to a leading telecom services provider, and performs call quality monitoring for phone support, customer support and tech support. With real-time analytics using home-grown Quality Tools, the client has seen a substantial increase in performance scores of their representatives. Our multi-level feedback has also ensured an 8% increase in communication skills as well as a 10% decrease in interruptions.