Chatbots in the new workplace

There are many debates surrounding chatbots. Are chatbots killing customer service? Can they really solve complex contextual problems? Can you train a bot towards the kind of emotional intelligence that is required to provide mental health counseling? Our questions persist. Yet, from reciting poetry to supporting [...]

2019-03-08T16:31:09+05:30March 8th, 2019|HR Outsourcing Solutions|

The Real Cost of Payroll Mistakes

The Real Cost of Payroll Mistakes Payroll mistakes cost employers billions of dollars annually. According to the IRS, 33% of businesses deal with payroll errors. There are many cautionary tales about the larger impacts of even minor slips in payroll. For instance, a Texas company failed [...]

2019-02-20T15:11:36+05:30February 20th, 2019|HR Outsourcing Solutions|

Gender parity in workforce

The gender gap Global gender gap has closed by only 4% in the last 10 years, according to the World Economic Forum. In a research partnership with LinkedIn, WEF examined workforce gender ratio in entry level, middle management and senior leadership positions across sectors. Unsurprisingly, the [...]

2019-07-19T15:20:18+05:30January 22nd, 2019|HR Outsourcing Solutions|

Beyond Outsourcing: Syndication

We know that businesses, small and big, stand to gain from outsourcing functions such as payroll, as this enables focus on core deliverables and other strategic functions. However, as our physical and digital worlds continue to blend together, we evolve towards finer, more fluid ways of [...]

2018-12-11T18:07:50+05:30December 11th, 2018|HR Outsourcing Solutions|

HR Technology Can Streamline Your Practices

HR Technology Can Streamline Your Practices The global workforce has evolved from what it was a few decades ago to where it stands today. There’s diversity in nationality, race, gender and culture. Most organizations have welcomed the change with open arms, making their employees feel welcome. [...]

2018-05-31T13:19:42+05:30May 31st, 2018|HR Outsourcing Solutions|
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