G20 Highlights on Crypto Regulation and AML Compliance

At the 2019 G20 Summit held in Japan this year, finance ministers and central bank governors of 19 countries and the EU discussed the global impact of crypto assets. Leaders agreed that tech innovations involving cryptocurrencies could be beneficial for the financial ecosystem. However, there would [...]

2019-08-09T19:17:45+05:30August 9th, 2019|AML Solutions|

Beyond De-risking

Beyond De-risking Nearly half the world’s financial institutions have been victim to at least one financial crime in the last one year, according to this report by Refinitiv. This fallible financial climate calls for FIs to be risk intelligent. There are hefty costs to avoiding risks. [...]

2019-03-04T18:45:26+05:30March 4th, 2019|AML Solutions|

Why are BTMs on the rise as bitcoin slumps?

Why are BTMs on the rise as bitcoin slumps? Through much of the last year, crypto assets lost over 50% of their value, dropping to $8000 from $17400. At the end of 2018, cryptocurrency prices saw a further dip to 3000$. This market downturn in digital [...]

2019-02-22T21:08:01+05:30February 22nd, 2019|AML Solutions|

Intelligent segmentation for KYC

Intelligent segmentation for KYC The proliferation of decentralized fintech solutions such as digital wallets and crypto-projects have created a myriad of channels across which people transact on a day-to-day basis, making it hard to monitor customer behaviour, and construct anticipated activity profiles for AML compliance. In [...]

2019-02-08T17:51:16+05:30February 8th, 2019|AML Solutions|

How to choose the right technology for your AML program

How to choose the right technology for your AML program Regulators continue to tighten compliance requirements and FIs are responding to this predicament in all manner of ways. But financial fraud remains widely prevalent, thwarting equity, freedom and rule of law across the world. Between 2017 [...]

2019-02-04T18:21:46+05:30February 4th, 2019|AML Solutions|

Are BTMs safe?

Bitcoin trading was originally conducted face to face, with buyers carrying wads of cash to coffee shops, city centers and other public spots to meet sellers, barter, and then swap using QR codes on mobile phones or laptops - an activity that was fraught with risks [...]

2019-01-28T10:58:33+05:30January 28th, 2019|AML Solutions, Financial Processing Services|

Implementing CDD in light of the 50% OFAC rule

In today’s increasingly digital world, financial institutions are forced to understand the complex and shifting corporate ownership structures of partners and customers in order to protect their assets. FinCEN reports that banks spent around $250 million on compliance efforts alone in the first year of implementation [...]

2019-07-19T15:20:45+05:30January 11th, 2019|AML Solutions|

A brief understanding and discussion of financial crimes

Economically motivated crimes break the very fabric of business and society. The consequence of these crimes are not just financial losses, but also a significant decline of morale, reputation and stability of nations, organizations, and individuals. Money laundering extends beyond organised criminal groups, and occurs at [...]

2018-10-08T17:28:00+05:30October 8th, 2018|AML Solutions|

Cybercrime, Digital Security and AML

Cybercrime, Digital Security and AML Cybercrime knows no bounds. With the potential to affect every user on the internet, there is an increased urgency to create the perfect bubble that will keep out malicious hackers and temperamental hacktivists. While the focus remains on phishing and identity [...]

2018-05-31T12:16:09+05:30May 31st, 2018|AML Solutions|
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