Are BTMs safe?

Bitcoin trading was originally conducted face to face, with buyers carrying wads of cash to coffee shops, city centers and other public spots to meet sellers, barter, and then swap using QR codes on mobile phones or laptops - an activity that was fraught with risks [...]

2019-01-28T10:58:33+05:30January 28th, 2019|AML Solutions, Financial Processing Services|

Payment Processing Using Blockchain

Payments Processing Using Blockchain From Amazon Go to Google Pay, tech players are constantly trying to improve user experience by digitizing every conceivable step in the customer life cycle. Instant fund transfers and payment systems were not the norm, even as recent as a decade ago. [...]

2018-12-21T07:13:39+05:30December 21st, 2018|AML Solutions|

RegTech: Beyond Compliance

RegTech: Beyond Compliance RegTech is taking the financial industry by storm. With innovative software solutions promising to drive down the cost of AML compliance and standardize efforts, organizations are steadily adopting more RegTech. However, the applications and benefits of financial software extend far beyond compliance. While [...]

2018-05-30T19:43:18+05:30May 30th, 2018|AML Solutions|