Why the Healthcare Industry Needs a Patient-Centric Collection Strategy

Let’s suppose a person wants to buy a car. They can go online, research the various models available within budget, visit a showroom, test-drive the vehicle and make a decision. They are also walked through the various payment options available to them, including EMIs and loans.   [...]

HL7- Shared Meanings in Healthcare

HL7- Shared Meanings in Healthcare HL7 standards and frameworks facilitate exchange of healthcare data through the use of controlled vocabularies. While these standards tackle the problem of healthcare communication, they pose significant challenges for healthcare providers and their software vendors in terms of implementation and reconfiguration. [...]

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INFOGRAPHIC: Cost Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

With the right healthcare outsourcing solution, providers can convert a partially electronic system into a 100% ERA system. Eliminating manual processes minimizes staffing costs and the need to purchase more office equipment. All around savings also stem from the fact that providers don't have to train [...]

Digital Diagnosis

Information is currency in the healthcare industry and despite the diversity of services offered, all providers are alike in their need to manage the data that drives their processes; usually using anything from spreadsheets to comprehensive informatics tools. The fee-for-service form of reimbursement is taking a [...]

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