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Banking and Finance

Our association with some of the world’s largest banking and financial institutions goes back well over a decade. Our tremendous experience in this industry is especially highlighted by the fact that we are amongst the few global contact centers involved in comprehensive life cycle management of every client we service.

AML Solutions

Allsec is a pioneer in AMLS with the best-in-class solutions for all your compliance needs. It provides improved flexibility and significant cost savings for financial institutions that need to mitigate risk. With aggressive investigative techniques, our investigations processes yield favorable results.

Customer Service

Allsec’s Customer Service solutions cover the gamut of operational and support functions including customer acquisition & induction, upselling, customer care, tech support, retention & loyalty management and most importantly, data & document management.

Collections & Recoveries

Allsec’s collections and recoveries solutions are standardized and optimized to provide the best value. They may be used as standalone services or as part of a holistic package.

Financial Processing Services

Allsec’s FPS solutions are tuned to handle your entire accounts payable and receivable services, your way. By adapting to existing techniques, as your established partner, we can seamlessly migrate platforms or reduce operational costs by providing outsourcing services.

HR and Payroll Services

Allsec’s HRO services simplifies workforce maintenance with an all inclusive, indigenous platform that handles automatable tasks such as payroll, benefits management, attendance and leave management and much more. We help streamline the workflow and allow you to concentrate on more important things like talent acquisition and training.

Voice Intelligence

Allsec’s proprietary voice analytics software is instrumental in retaining enhancing customer experience and customer loyalty. Through machine learning and intelligent analytics, we make it easier to look beyond your client’s support issues and get to the root of the problem.

Mortgage Servicing

Allsec’s Mortgage Servicing solutions look beyond just providing support functions. With deep domain expertise and years of experience, we aid in automation and compliance monitoring to streamline your processes and improve your quality of service.

Strategic Consulting & Advisory Services

Allsec’s team of consultants provide advanced advisory services across each of our service offerings. Partnering with the right outsourcing company can be a time-consuming activity. For this reason, our experts are constantly finding the best ways to reach desired results. Our consulting services go beyond conventional models to provide a holistic and agile view of process outsourcing.

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