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Highlights from our previous events

The War On Financial Crime: A fireside chat with Preet Bharara

Date: October 11, 2018

Preet Bharara, in a discussion facilitated by Ross Delston, opened up about the current state of affairs within and outside the current legal system. Speaking to process and ideologies, some highlights included the phantom feeling of discrimination against foreign banks, the pace of OFAC prosecutions, and the FCPA. His deep insights from his time as a United States Attorney for the Southern District of NY, opened the floor for pressing questions in the minds of industry stalwarts.

Webinar on BTMs: Regulatory and Enforcement Perspectives in the War Against Financial Crime: presented by Ross S. Delston, CAMS & Lourdes C. Miranda, CAMS, CFE

Date: February 28, 2019

This webinar was conducted to inform attendees about the current cryptocurrency landscape, compliance do’s and don’t’s, criminal methodologies, and prevention of crime as BTMs progressively expand.

Ross S. Delston, CAMS
Attorney + Expert Witness

Lourdes C. Miranda
Senior Consultant – Cryptocurrency