Allsec CEO’s Townhall Address

Allsec hosted its first ever Virtual Town Hall on 30th April 2020, where topics ranged from the various challenges brought about by the unprecedented global pandemic, to the collective achievements of the entire workforce.

While providing a detailed understanding of Allsec’s Work-From-Home journey, the management also presented important updates on the situation of the international market, the business strategy for the brand, and employee compensation.

We’re proud and thankful to each member of the Allsec family including the support staff that has been abundantly supportive in these testing times. Our seamless and real-time HRO platform has put Allsec on the map for processing over 1 million payslips, right before the COVID-19 lockdown descended.

Thanking our resilient teams

The entire IT teams have been ‘unseen soldiers’, toiling hard in the background. “The long nights and the midnight oil that you burnt have not gone in vain. You have enabled the entire company to be up and running in these tumultuous times,” said Mr. Ashish Johri, CEO.

Our teams in Manila have faced the brunt of a sudden lockdown much earlier than the Indian counterparts. Though the restrictions were sudden, we’ve been able to overcome hurdles and keep the show going. Mr. Johri commented, “They should take a lot of credit in accomplishing what they did…their actions helped us understand how we should cope with the situation.”

We commend every team for their unwavering determination and enterprising spirit. “When you compare with how the rest of the industry has fared, we have done pretty well…about 85% of our business is operational in a work from a home model and is working and functioning effectively. Kudos to you all!” he said.

Allsec’s performance

We’re happy to report that Allsec has handled the paradigm shift extremely well. The HRO business is making progress in leaps and bounds. ‘’The business has been 100% online. They have delivered the year-end tax proofing, the payroll…all the payslips have been delivered, all the transitions…new business pipelines continue to grow,” Mr. Johri said. 

Customer experience management has never been more important than it is now. We’re committed to weathering the storm, and overcoming the current challenges with immense resilience, cemented by our laudable teams across the globe.

Dealing With The Challenge

Over the last month, technology has become a primary driver in delivering uninterrupted operations. Our focus will always be to transform client businesses and augment process excellence. 

We are highly mindful of the situation and the bearing it has on our employees. There are no salary-cuts anticipated in lieu of the COVID-19, and variables will be paid, as promised.  The CEO, along with the management team, is however taking a pay-cut in order to ensure business continuity and demonstrate solidarity in handling the pandemic situation. 

We are positive about Allsec’s future and the organization will continue to deliver superior solutions to real business challenges. “The future looks bright”, says Mr. Johri.