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In March 2016, Microsoft’s chatbot Tay was launched to have “casual and playful conversations” with internet residents. But in less than 24 hours, the bot’s program began to malfunction. It had assimilated the internets’ worst tendencies and sent out 96,000 offensive tweets in retaliation to internet trolls. 

For retail businesses, this shed a huge doubt on whether AI could be trusted for content moderation. But with even brick and mortar establishments turning digital, and customer service outsourcing on the rise, AI-content moderation can no longer be ignored.

Why Retailers need Digi-power

Heavy volume content such as reviews and product descriptions are an integral part of the consumer decision matrix. 8 in 10 visitors feel UGC from strangers indicates brand quality.  One in three consumers also says they will walk away from a brand after just one bad experience. 

One of our clients, India’s largest online selling platform, faced a similar challenge. Their business model involved selling through UGC. They provided buyers and sellers with a platform where they could interact and provide good quality products. They were an instant hit. In a short while, they surpassed over 200 million active users per month. 

But with big numbers, came bigger challengers. Their website was cluttered with content. Manually filtering the uploads, comments, and product descriptions was not possible. Digital Solutions — analytics-based prioritization, data-based error analysis, and categorization of errors—came to the rescue.

The checkpoints set in place made content moderation a breeze for the client. They saw a 17% increase in content uploads on the website. A categorization of the products also improved content quality by 28%. This directly boosted sales and led to greater credibility.

Advantages of Going Digital

Content moderation using AI makes it possible to deliver a safe and user-friendly experience to the consumer. Organizations often miss this viewpoint as they seldom think of the implications. 32% of all customers stopped doing business with a beloved brand after one bad experience. This means efficient content moderation can make or break the business.

Using AI, businesses can effortlessly moderate comments, posts, and content on the site that does not comply with their guidelines. It also allows organizations to protect their customers from malware, malicious network, financial fraud, and abusive content using analytics. This increases customer engagement, loyalty, and consequently, the bottomline.

Growth Lies in Synergy

While digital solutions often take the credit, it is unwise to discount the need for human intervention and call center outsourcing companies. Even in our client’s case, categorization decisions, process formulations, and strategies were crafted by experts. In a survey of experienced leaders who employ AI, 90% of the adopters believed that AI is “very” or “critically” important to their business. Therefore, it is crucial to create a healthy synergy between human expertise and machine intelligence. 

At Allsec, we provide business solutions powered by the perfect balance of adaptive digital solutions and the human experience. Reach out to know more.

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