5 Lessons the Pandemic Has Taught Insurance Companies

Insurance is one of the most complex financial businesses in existence. The industry responds to market flux reactively, so it came as no surprise that despite advances in insurance technology and insurance claims management software, insurers could not predict the global pandemic’s effects on the industry. [...]

2020-10-13T18:33:12+05:30October 13th, 2020|Insurance Services|

Overcome the 3 Major Challenges to Efficient Debt Collections

Healthy long-term customer relationships are vital to success. However, in debt recovery, balancing a good customer rapport while maintaining your bottom line can be challenging. Debt recovery services often struggle with recuperating receivables from borrowers without pushing boundaries. Delayed communication can result in constant calls and [...]

2020-10-09T16:23:50+05:30October 9th, 2020|Collections|