Let’s Chat – NASSCOM Research Report

The Indian Chatbot market has taken a huge turn from where it was just a few years ago. According to the report, many off-the-shelf chatbots lack contextual awareness, but the overall performance is expected to evolve to provide end-to-end workflow orchestration and resolution. With solutions addressing [...]


Conservative estimates put the percentage of illicit transactions, that are stopped, at 1%. Though regulatory authorities have levied heavy fines on global banking conglomerates, there is still a lot that slips through the cracks - estimated at 5% of global GDP. On the other hand, AML [...]

2018-10-10T22:52:33+05:30October 10th, 2018|AML Solutions|

Simple Solution. Maximum Impact.

With Big Data and Analytics creating a furore in the tech industry, the enthusiasm has spilled over into Banking and Financial Services too. And over time, knowingly or unknowingly, regulatory authorities have also put their faith in the sanctity of data. As the war against financial [...]

2018-10-09T23:35:07+05:30October 9th, 2018|AML Solutions|

A brief understanding and discussion of financial crimes

Economically motivated crimes break the very fabric of business and society. The consequence of these crimes are not just financial losses, but also a significant decline of morale, reputation and stability of nations, organizations, and individuals. Money laundering extends beyond organised criminal groups, and occurs at [...]

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