Benefits Management During Open Enrollment

Employers like to believe they recruit the best talent and nurture them well. While training and development programs can go a long way in boosting employee engagement and retention, numerous surveys indicate that every employee’s point of concern is benefits.

Who offers the bigger piece of pie?

Excellent benefits play a major role in wooing fresh employees into an organization. However, employers need to be on their toes because talent is just as easily wooed away.

The most sought after benefits include paid time off, comprehensive insurance plans and the option to carry over unused vacation days. While most of these can be availed after a quick chat with HR personnel, there are some benefits that catch on only after a while.

Managing benefits

Companies highlight the best of perks and benefits during orientation but provide little information and advice when an employee might especially need them. Open enrolment season is the best time for your employees to take advantage of all the programs available, but most remain clueless about the them.

Making the process dry with lots of paperwork and little communication isn’t in your best interest either. Instead, leverage technology to simplify benefits management and increase employee engagement.

A platform for all

If you have an exciting new perk for your employees, you shouldn’t be sending out a bland email that may end up in their archives. Highlight cushy extras such as workweeks that end early or a new cafeteria on an accessible portal. Additionally, you can create pop-ups on the platform to spread the word about alternate dental, vision and basic health care plans, at the right time.

When you use a portal with dedicated employee self-service functions, you also simplify the entire enrollment process by digitizing forms and accepting online submissions. An in-built helpdesk feature can also open up lines of communication with HR and quickly resolve queries employees may have.

The final word

The onus is on the employer to ensure his employees make the most of all the perks and benefits within an organization. While HR might work hard to put together the best package possible, it doesn’t help if employees aren’t kept in the loop.

Technological advancements pave the way forward when it comes to benefits management and open enrollment season.

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