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Unlike other servicing tools that only rely on statistical sampling for monitoring and analysis, Allsec’s ActioNsight C3 Mortgage Compliance Tool allows you to review your full loan portfolio using a comprehensive rules library.

Allsec’s Automated CFPB Compliance Tool

Allsec offers an automated compliance tool which can test 100% of your portfolio. All CFPB Servicing rules are included, with additional rules covering FNMA, FHA, FHLMC, VA and USDA. This single repository can be used for all QA, QC and rebuttal efforts, for both automated and manual reviews. The result is an “audit-friendly” living library with all remedial documentation, applicable procedures and regulations accessible with one click.

Mortgage Servicing


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Mortgage processing can be a long and tedious undertaking for both borrowers and lenders.

From the lender’s point of view, it is a tedious process that requires a dedicated staff of trained underwriters backed by a complex support system. But despite the difficulties inherent in such a convoluted process, lenders cannot cut corners because of stringent regulatory and compliance requirements.

From the borrower's point of view, long processing times lead to dissatification, which inevitably leads to doubts about the quality of service they are receiving.


Faster processing time means happier borrowers.

And for lending institutions, happier borrowers mean better business – it’s as simple as that.

Entrusting your mortgage processing to a capable partner takes the pressure off your staff and frees up resources so your company can focus on more strategic and value-adding tasks.

Outsourcing also allows you to pick the delivery model that will give your business optimal benefits - be it the predictability of onsite support, the significant cost savings of offsite outsourcing, or the flexibility of near-shore staffing.

Allsec’s Mortgage Processing Services – secure, reliable and speedy processing for lenders, banks and brokers

We offer a unique combination of people, processes, and technology to assist banks, lenders, mortgage servicers, and other institutions in addressing the unique challenges posed by today's complex financial services marketplace and regulatory environment.

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