HR Outsourcing

Easy Does It.

Why make it hard on yourself? Save time, money and sanity by turning over your HR tasks to us.

Allsec’s HR Outsourcing Services – save time, money and sanity by offloading your mundane HR tasks to us

As one of the largest outsourced payroll service providers today, Allsec manages some of the most complex pay and tax scenarios, for both global and domestic organizations from various industries. We are a market leader for payroll management and HRMS, handling thousands of employees across various industries. Our payroll solutions, which are custom made to fit specific requirements, have benefited large, medium and small organizations alike.

As an outsourced payroll service provider, with over 15 years of domain expertise, Allsec delivers:


Payroll processing & accounting

Reimbursement Processing

Employee Posting

Performance Management

Attendance & Leave Management


Statutory compliances

Final Settlements

Self Service Portals

Multi-channel Helpdesk


Take it easy.

HR tasks are easy. Except when they're not. Filling out forms, keeping records current, tracking appointments, managing payroll — all these menial tasks take time, effort and energy that you could be spending more productively on other business activities.

According to a recent Forrester report, HR departments spend as much as 50% of their time simply processing employee information and responding to queries. This is a highly inefficient use of time and company resources.


Break out of your HR rut.

Processing HR tasks is tedious but necessary. Human resources are the backbone of your organization's growth and business strategy, after all. By offloading your HR processing to a trusted and experienced partner, you free your staff to focus on higher-value tasks and initiatives, which ultimately leads to faster business growth.

As businesses continuously drive towards increasing efficiency while reducing cost, it only makes sense to offload HR processing to a dedicated service partner who can do the job just as well — or better — but at a greatly reduced cost.