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Maximize revenue at every step of the customer journey.

Allsec’s Business Process Outsourcing Services – helping you maximize revenue at every step of the customer journey

Our experienced team has the necessary tools, knowledge and domain expertise to assess, execute, track and continuously improve your Business Process Outsourcing Services initiatives providing one of the best outsourcing services globally. With the constant need to maintain business focus, organizations are looking to outsource their support functions to process specialists, thus maximizing business competence.

Allsec benefits organizations by taking process responsibility and adding value to their business, with its custom-made Back Office Solutions that optimize process performance. We ensure that our operations are a seamless extension of your business. Spanning the specific functions of outsourcing services in US, Philippines and India our Back Office Solutions are layered with business intelligence tools and reporting systems for evaluating all metrics of an outsourcing venture.

Allsec believes that an omni-channel approach to Business Process Outsourcing Services provides great dividends to our clients in terms of availability, ubiquity, and prompt response times. Our team is fully equipped and trained to handle all media channels including voice, email, chat, and social media.


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According to a recent Demand Gen Report, marketers’ top three priorities are identifying their most valuable customers, capturing and integrating customer data, and personalizing customer communications while their biggest obstacle is dealing with multiple, disparate systems.


Top priorities in terms of customer marketing and Business Process Outsourcing Services

What are the biggest obstacles to achieving your customer marketing/management goals?


Allsec can help you simplify your Business Process Outsourcing Services efforts by giving you a single point of contact and taking on the brunt of your day-to-day tasks - tasks that you’d rather not be doing because they do not add real value to your business.

It doesn't end with closing a sale.

Today’s top businesses know that the goal is not just to close a sale but to develop loyal customers that keep coming back for more and, hopefully, spread the word about their business to other potential customers.

We realize that the customer journey is not linear but cyclical in nature, and we use this knowledge to help our customers identify and leverage all customer touch points to maximize revenue and grow their business.


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Our Success Stories


Allsec has been the primary vendor in customer acquisition for two large Master/Visa credit card issuers for 3 successful years, and has held No.1 position among other vendors for the clients. Towards the end of 2005, Allsec had actually snatched business from our 2 competing vendors located in Panama & Delhi (India). The reason for this achievement was because of the hard work and dedication driven into the team to perform and achieve more than goals. Our target was to achieve .40 SPH (sales per hour) but we constantly achieved more than twice that figure. By introducing on the floor training & coaching we were able to increase the performance of our average staff by 50% resulting in sales over and above the set target of .80 SPH. By setting stiff targets for our competitors, Allsec has managed to remain one of the leading outsourcing companies in India.

Allsec stepped into the retail industry with a huge success in the year 2009 with a leading client headquartered in PA, USA with business spread over to the UK. With relentless competition between the client’s on-sight call center and Allsec, and starting with a mere 3% target - our small team of 20 representatives prompted an increase in target to 12 % conversion in just the first 6 months. In the latter half of the first year, we achieved 24% conversion leaving the client-owned call center far behind. The 60-seat client owned on-sight call center was closed down, allowing the client to enhance their business by ramping up the number of seats in Allsec to 100. In the pilot phase of operations at Allsec, our representatives serviced 3 membership programs. Based on our exceptional performance, the client handed over all of their 100 retail membership programs to be serviced at Allsec in the beginning of the 2nd operational year.

In the telecom sector, Allsec handled about 50 million customer interactions annually with a consistent 85% service level for two competing telecom providers in India. Handling 9 major circles for the clients including metropolitan cities in India with a customer base of about 50 million, Allsec was ranked No. 1 by one of the clients in its “Voice of Customer” survey ranking by the Customer Satisfaction Management & Measurement Program, making us one of the sought-after BPO companies in India.