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The People Focus

Ranked 2nd:
Top BPO Employers 2009
Ranked 2nd:
Employee Satisfaction
DQ-IDC BPO E-Sat Survey 2009

The culture of Allsec is one of growth, innovation and progress with vibrant employees who are delighted to help drive customer and client satisfaction. We understand that our Clients' success is our success and our growth depends on delivering consistent and reliable world-class services.

Recruiting the right service personnel with the right attitude is a major priority for a growing organization like Allsec.

The client expectations and our business goals are achieved by identifying and aligning specific skills, knowledge, values and attitude of service personnel.

Allsec's well-structured recruitment process has attracted a large number of talented young people from the resource pool available in India and the Philippines. We manage motivation and retention through a highly structured career path, cross-functional opportunities and performance-oriented incentives.

Allsec's recruitment process ensures that we employ only the “best-of-breed” candidates and look for the following qualities:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Basic PC skills
  • A high degree of initiative to perform a quality job
  • Be true team players brimming with team spirit
  • Self-confidence
  • Have a passion for excellence


Allsec provides three-tiered induction cum training program that equips all agents with the skills, knowledge and ability to deliver effectively and consistently for its global clients. Apart from providing call center training, Allsec's well-equipped training department also conducts the following training on a regular basis:

  • “Train the trainer” sessions
  • Process improvement training
  • Skill Identification Program

Allsec has a highly skilled training team that trains call center representatives on all the projects that are currently being handled. First, the trainers evaluate every representative's initial aptitude level to create a point of reference. This evaluation is used to plan the key focus areas for each individual. Frequent evaluations are conducted at the beginning of the training to ensure consistency and reliability using constructive and creative feedback sessions that proactively engage the representative to deliver excellent results from the first touch. Constant And Never-ending Improvement(CANI) is the Allsec desire for our valued clients.

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Competency Creation

Allsec's representatives are immersed in highly specialized training that will ultimately add to the representative's competencies and equip them to compete on a global level. Allsec's goal is to impart significant and reliable knowledge of American, British and Australian mores. We believe our highly skilled representatives are some of the best in the world and our delivery scores reflect this on a regular basis. This special training encompasses:

  • Evolution of countries with modules on the immigrant history
  • Various social, cultural and geopolitical components that make up the broad fabric of the countries
  • Cultural identity of different locations within a country
  • Famous and historical monuments
  • The political scenario
  • Social security, medical insurance, taxes, road rules, television programs, news anchors, talk show hosts, the weather, entertainment industry, professional and college sporting leagues
  • Exposure to commonly used business phrases and their corresponding equivalents
  • Commonly used idioms and phrases and their meanings

Career Development

Allsec strongly believes in providing the right platform for career growth to its employees. The needs of an employee evolve as he or she grows in the organization. Therefore, Allsec has in place the following measures to constantly motivate and monitor its employees:

  • Cross-functional opportunity: Deserving employees get to move cross-functionally from operations into areas such as marketing, IT support, technology, projects, recruitment and training
  • Structured compensation packages: Created on par with the industry best to help attract and retain good talent
  • Logistics and cafeteria: Provided to every employee as they work US/UK or Australasian time zones
  • Periodic appraisals: To motivate employees by reviewing and rewarding performance
  • Performance based incentives: Paid in addition to fixed salary component on a monthly basis. This is based on performance weighted by other critical factors like attendance, quality and accent skills
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